Training for Educational Settings

Did you know?… 1 in 3 teachers say they have had no mental health training.

We understand that every setting is unique and that the needs of every setting is completely individual. That’s why we help you to prioritise your staff wellbeing with our bespoke training and support packages.

Both Abi and Andrew are from a teaching background and have many years teaching experience. They truly understand the stresses, worries and pressure that the job entails! That’s why we are passionate about making your setting a place that makes everyone in it feel supported and cared about. We are highly qualified psychotherapists with experience in training and supporting education settings across the UK. So whether you are a school, university or nursery, we care about you, your staff and the young people that you work with.

We offer a FREE a wellbeing audit to assess your needs and goals and work with you to create emotionally intelligent leaders, supported and cared about staff who know how to promote wellbeing for each other and the young people that they teach and we help you to create a setting that people want to be in!

Some of the services we offer:

One off courses and workshops

Our one off training courses provide you with a range of wellbeing issues to understand and practise including: Leadership training, starting conversations and an overview to mental health. These can be completed as twilight sessions, 1/2 day training or full inset days.

Our wellbeing workshops help you to celebrate your staff. We all know how busy life is and it can be difficult for employees to find time to think about themselves and their own wellbeing. This session celebrates success, reminds employees how to look after their own mental health and shows them how to boost their own self esteem and confidence!

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

An Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP) or Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a scheme that gives employees access to confidential support, professional advice and short-term counselling to help them deal with personal and work-related problems that are impacting their physical and mental wellbeing.

EWP’s are considered to be one of the most effective ways for employers to look after the wellbeing of their employees and play an important role in helping to boost and maintain workplace morale, motivation and engagement.

One to one head teacher coaching

During one-on-one coaching, the focus is exclusively on you as the headteacher. We know what a difficult role this is and how many hats you have to wear on any given day! Our one to one coaching/mentoring means that we can focus on you. After all, mindset starts at the top. It allows us to support you with specific challenges within your setting.

We talk about managing your own stress, the impact your mental wellbeing has on staff and pupils and also how to be an emotionally intelligent leader.

If you have your wellbeing in the best possible place, your attitude and performance will be better and you can be an exceptional role models for those which you lead.

Regular ‘drop in’ support

We know that getting the right help is vital and for many people it can be scary! We can offer your staff and pupils* the chance to be supported ‘in house’ either face to face or online. We dedicate a set amount of time for your staff and pupils* to drop in for short sessions and confidentially get advice, talk about issues and get support with managing their thoughts and emotions from a qualified and professional therapist.

Leadership Training

Emotional intelligence is key in any leadership role and learning how to hone your own emotional awareness to understand and help others is something that will change the dynamic of your setting. This session looks at how to make staff feel valued and cared about, how to manage your own and others emotions, how to go above and beyond the Ofsted tick boxes to improve wellbeing across your setting.

Wellbeing support Packages

Our support packages are tailored to your setting and enable you to get training that will impact every part of it and everyone in it now and into the future. It offers ongoing training, regular contact, and support with creating a wellbeing ethos including policies, employee assistance programmes, year long digital support and more…

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